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Sanjeev Arora

Sanjeev Arora,
MD, Director


The mission of Project ECHO® is to develop the capacity to safely and effectively treat chronic, common, and complex diseases in rural and underserved areas, and to monitor outcomes of this treatment.

Project ECHO® is funded in part by a grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and has received support from the New Mexico Legislature, the University of New Mexico, and the New Mexico Department of Public Health.

Diabetes Community Resource Education Worker (CREW) Training

Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center is conducting a training program for Community Health Workers (CHWs) and Community Health Representatives (CHRs) located in New Mexico to increase their knowledge and skills in caring for diabetes patients in their own communities. This unique program for health workers is being provided by Project ECHO at no cost to New Mexico participants. Participants do not need a degree or certification to join the training program. Participants who successfully finish the program will receive a Certificate of Completion from Project ECHO.

The Diabetes CREW training program has been structured to work in conjunction with tasks performed by CHWs and CHRs in everyday clinic and home care settings. It combines hands-on, face-to-face, and experiential learning with distance education in an effort to reduce travel and time burdens for participants and their clinics — the paraprofessionals will remain in their communities working with their patients during the majority of training.

Participants will learn from one another in a supportive and culturally appropriate environment. In collaboration with diabetes specialists, the program has involved experienced community health workers and representatives in the planning, curriculum, and evaluation activities of the program. The training recognizes the skills, expertise and knowledge that CHRs and CHWs already have, while expanding that foundation into patient education, self‐care and clinical skills relevant to the care of diabetes patients in their communities. Clinics will benefit from the added competencies that the CHW or CHR will bring to the healthcare team.

Application for the Program

Project ECHO ® at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center is pleased to announce the launch of their next Diabetes Community Resource Education Worker (CREW) Training Program which will be held on March 11-14, 2014.

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To access the face-to-face agenda and the presentation topics for the 16-week TeleECHO clinics, click here.
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