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Curriculum Topics Delivered for Each TeleECHO Clinic

Every teleECHO clinic includes a 30-minute talk followed by case discussions. Talks are developed and delivered by interprofessional experts in substance use disorder, including board certified addiction specialists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, nurses, and Community Health Workers (CHWs). Following are the curriculum topics to be delivered for each teleECHO clinic.

Curriculum for Provider and Primary Care Team TeleECHO Clinic
(delivered at 5 different hubs)

●Overview of opioid use disorder

●Trauma-informed care and the role of
Adverse Childhood Events in predisposing
to Substance Use Disorder

●Evidence-based screening and
use of SBIRT techniques

●Use of evidence-based treatment
guidelines for Opioid Use Disorder

●Medication treatment of Opioid Use Disorder

●Effective team-based care for Opioid Use
Disorder, include nurse-led model of care

●Office-based management of Opioid
Use Disorder, including preventing and
detecting diversion of buprenorphine

●Addressing Substance Use Disorder-related
co-morbidities, such as hepatitis,
HIV, depression, anxiety, and PTSD

●Overdose prevention

● Introduction to Motivational Interviewing

●Pain management in patients
with opioid use disorder

●Opioid Use Disorder in special populations
(adolescents, pregnancy, peri-operative)

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