Introduction – 90 minute video conference

Dip Your Toes In – Is ECHO for you?


ECHO Institute hosts a 90-minute videoconference session using the Zoom platform during which Dr. Sanjeev Arora presents for 45-minutes followed by 45-minutes of interactive discussion and Q&A. This is a great opportunity to hear an overview of the ECHO model and how it started, interact with others learning about ECHO for the first time, and meet members of the ECHO team.

Target audience

Anyone interested in ECHO.


Orientation – 1 Day On-Site Training

Wade In – Find out how the ECHO model works

wadeECHO Institute hosts a full-day in-person event in Albuquerque, New Mexico during which ECHO leadership give presentations on all aspects of implementing the ECHO model (see sample agenda). You will also participate in two teleECHO clinics. This is a great opportunity to wade into the ECHO pool and engage with members of the ECHO Institute team as well as other organizations from around the world interested in learning more. Use this opportunity to build buy-in for your own ECHO.

Project ECHO will make all of the Orientation materials, attendance at the event, and meals available free of charge. You are responsible for your travel and lodging expenses.

Target audience

Anyone potentially interested in implementing ECHO and wanting to learn more before taking the plunge – good place to send leadership, funders, etc. to build buy-in and gather support for new ECHOs.

Suggested pre-work

Introduction: we suggest that you attend ECHO Introduction before Orientation to learn more about the ECHO model and whether or not it fits your needs.

Sample agenda


To attend any of the Orientation dates listed below, please click on the link for online registration and follow the registration instructions:

Immersion – 3 Day On-Site Training

Deep Dive – In depth training to start your own ECHO

If your organization is ready to replicate ECHO and has signed our partnership documents, we offer a deeper dive into the ECHO model and next steps for implementation. Through Immersion, you will develop an ongoing relationship with our Replication Team and other ECHO staff members, who will assist you in setting up your own teleECHO clinics. This 3-day in-person training at the ECHO Institute in Albuquerque, NM begins with the Orientation and requires partnership documents to be signed before participation can occur. If you have not signed the partnership documents and would like to attend Immersion, please contact the Replication Team at

Target audience

Organizations ready to implement ECHO: we suggest that organizations send an implementation team rather than a single individual whenever possible.  The team composition varies, but we suggest at least one content expert or specialist (particularly important to bring the team leader), other members of your anticipated ECHO hub team and an administrative or coordination lead.

Suggested pre-work

Introduction: we suggest that you attend ECHO Introduction before Orientation to learn more about the ECHO model and whether or not it fits your needs.

Orientation: some groups attend Orientation before coming to Immersion, other groups are ready to dive in and go from Introduction to Immersion, which includes the Orientation, to save travel resources.

Immersion planning worksheet: this document will help you to start thinking about what is needed to start your own ECHO. It will also help guide your in-person Immersion experience.


To participate in the Immersion training for replicating ECHO, you must first complete partnership documents.

Sample agenda


Replication Team

Erika Harding, MA

Director of Replication Initiatives
Phone: (505) 272-6542

Elizabeth Clewett, PhD

Senior Program Manager
Phone: (505) 272-6859

Tracy Smith, BA

Program Planning Manager
Direct: (505) 272-2824

A. Julian Cantor, BS

Replication Partner Liaison
Office: (505)-272-8680

Felipe Amaral, MA

Marissa Erickson, BBA

Kim Karolchyk, BA

Kristina Kutemeyer

Replication Partner Liaisonn
Direct: (505) 272-8807

Christine Weisz, BS

Soleille Lopez, BS

Replication Partner Liaison
Direct: (505) 272-3905

Kayla Petersen, BS

Program Specialist
Office: (505)-277-2342