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About ECHO's Information Technology Team

ECHO IT has a guiding philosophy to minimize or remove barriers to replication of the ECHO model and to provide technology that enables and supports the growth of the ECHO movement. ECHO IT pursues and provides top-notch 3rd party applications when we can partner such that we are able to provide zero-cost licenses to our partners and we internally develop applications when those partnerships are unavailable with the goal to provide enabling technology at zero-cost.

ECHO IT Services

TeleECHO Program Support

Application Support and Training

Consistent with our guiding philosophy, once you are a member of the MetaECHO Community, ECHO IT will provide you access to the following applications at zero cost: We can help your team learn to use the following tools:

We can schedule in-person either at Project ECHO or using ECHO Zoom. We also offer online training for the above applications at Project ECHO Online Training.

ECHO IT Security

ECHO IT Evolving Directions

Need Help?

Contact Project ECHO IT Support during normal business hours at 505-750-4897 for help with ECHO IT questions.


If you have joined the MetaECHO Community, please complete and return the Initial IT Replication Input Form to Project ECHO.

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