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Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention Public Health Fund 2012, Viral Hepatitis, Early Identification and Linkage to Care for Chronic HCV (hepatitis C virus) Infections.

The purpose of this initiative is to enhance linkage to care and treatment for people living with HCV.  This initiative has enabled the University of Utah and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Arizona to work closely with the HCV Project ECHO team at UNMHSC to become regional hubs for training primary care clinicians in HCV treatment protocols, using the ECHO model.  This new and innovative program aligns directly with the CDC’s desire to work with academic and clinical partners, as well as other federal and state agencies, to replicate best practices and develop new models for HCV care.

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HCV ECHO Western Consortium.

The HCV Project ECHO team at UNMHSC has been collaborating with the University of Utah, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Arizona, University of Washington, Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and the Cherokee Nation W.W. Hasting’s Hospital in Oklahoma to develop a consortium for sharing resources, exchanging knowledge in best practices, and exploring opportunities for collaborative research.  All four institutions will use iECHO and iHealth. This will enable the consortium to examine outcomes across a large demographic and geographic span.

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