Project ECHO COVID-19 Response

During this time of global crisis, ECHO model has a special role to play in quickly helping to connect experts and frontline healthcare professionals. To help our partners’ navigate the various ways the ECHO Institute is helping, we have created numerous resource lists of our COVID-19 activity around the world.

ECHO Institute Trainings

To help our partners navigate the various projects focused on COVID-19 that the ECHO Institute is involved in, we have compiled a list of this work including links to sessions and how to join future sessions.


Beginning May 18, Best Practices in Adoption of Telehealth: COVID 19 and Beyond Mini-Series, May 18-June 1

Global ECHO Community Response

In the spirt of democratizing knowledge our partners from all over the world are also working hard to respond to this growing pandemic.

Full list of global COVID-19 teleECHO sessions
For questions about Project ECHO efforts regarding COVID-19 please contact
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