Thank you for attending Immersion! On this page you will find all the necessary materials for this event.


  • Please double check the dates prior to downloading (the agenda does change from month to month).
  • Make sure there is no “draft” watermark on the document prior to downloading (we recommend checking a few days before the event for a finalized agenda).
  • Use the download button below if you would like to save a local copy.

E-book (Day 1 and Day 2)

  • The e-books are a compilation of all the materials, presentations, and handouts used during Immersion.
  • They are living documents that are constantly changing as we improve our services.
  • We recommend downloading a few days prior to the event for the most current version.

Evaluation (Day 1 and Day 2)

  • Click on the links provided here to complete the corresponding evaluation for each day of Immersion.
  • Please be sure to complete your evaluation at the end of each day while the information is fresh in your mind.