The ECHO Pain and Opioid Management TeleECHO Clinic (ECHO Pain) began a formal collaboration with the US Army’s Department of Defense in May 2012. This collaboration, Army Pain ECHO, was designed to bridge the gap between primary and specialty care services in Army Medicine. Army Pain ECHO is part of the Army’s Comprehensive Pain Management Campaign Plan that applies a holistic and multidisciplinary approach delivering best practices pain care to soldiers and their families. The ECHO Pain Team has facilitated the replication of Army Pain ECHO “hubs” (Interdisciplinary Pain Management Centers) and “spokes” (primary care sites) throughout the five US Army regions across the globe, spanning the continental US, Europe, Hawaii and Asia. Building on the success of Army Pain ECHO, the Navy’s Department of Defense began a collaboration with ECHO Pain in 2014- immediately following the Army Pain ECHO initiative. Navy Pain ECHO has replicated large hubs at Navy Medicine East (Portsmouth) and Navy Medicine West- San Diego, both serving numbers of primary care sites geographically located in the East and West Coast of the US. Both the Army and Navy hubs conduct weekly teleECHO clinics that include best practices pain and addiction educational lectures with case based learning. In September 2015, the Defense Health Agency (DHA) began a formal collaboration with ECHO Pain (DHA Telementoring Program) in order to align and synchronize ECHO efforts across the DoD, support Air Force Pain ECHO, and develop the technical services needed to increase the capacity of primary care providers within the Military Health System (MHS) to safely and effectively treat chronic, common, and complex conditions. The DHA Telementoring Program will use the ECHO model to work on improving quality outcomes for condition-based care, one of the four strategic focus areas of the MHS.   Joanna Katzman, MD, MSPH, Medical Director, Project ECHO US Department of Defense Initiatives For more information please contact Robin Swift, MPH, Sr. Program Manager, MHS Telementoring, Project ECHO at 505-272-6574, or