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CHW Innovative Care Models

Project ECHO is applying the ECHO model™ in several innovative care-delivery models. Each of these models supports primary care teams that are intensely involved in providing specialized patient care with support and mentorship through Project ECHO. These intensive models allow the clinical teams to gain expertise rapidly and provide greatly expanded patient access to care. In each case, additional financial support is provided to the primary care team in order to allow them to focus intensively on delivery of specialized care.   CHWs participate in multidisciplinary teams located at sites throughout the state. Teams may include a Primary Care Physician (PCP), Nurse Practitioner, Physician’s Assistant, Medical Assistant and/or behavioral health specialist as well as CHWs. Teams are trained together through the following training models:
  • Face-to-face training, allowing for hands-on training and practice of skills;
  • Weekly teleconferences (with participants on both video and phone), which include presenting and discussing patient cases, resource sharing, networking, expert presentations, and participant learning loops; and
  • Video modules for material that doesn’t require interactive Q & A.
Teams use holistic approaches to address the social determinants of health in rural and traditionally underserved populations.  


Endo ECHO trains and supports community health workers (CHWs) to become experts in teaching self-management to patients with diabetes. According to the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH), there are over 200,000 individuals living with diabetes in New Mexico, yet the healthcare workforce lacks the capacity to deal with its complexities and risks. CHWs are community experts in facilitating and supporting patients and studies show that adding a CHW to the primary care team improves patient outcomes. If you are interested in obtaining more information, please contact the Endo ECHO team by sending an email to: and check out  

ECHO Access

A program to expand access to treatment for mental illness and addiction in rural and traditionally underserved communities. Curriculum tailored to team needs 2 week in-person intensive initial training followed by weekly sessions, support, and education through the ECHO model. Site visits for monitoring and support.  


A program to improve access to primary and specialty care for patients with complex care needs by a team-based approach. Check out for more information    

Interested in Replicating a CHW Training Program?

Do you want more information about replicating a CHW Training Program? Or using ECHO to train your CHWs? Join the ECHO Movement and contact Paige Menking!  
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