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Optimal care is provided in local communities by the physicians, nurses, and community health workers who know their patients best. Through ECHO's online learning networks, primary care clinicians gain the expertise and support they need to manage patients who have complex, chronic illnesses - without sending them to an outside specialist. They often feel happier with their jobs as a result of participating in the ECHO learning community. Project ECHO®'s 'teleECHO' sessions address many complex issues in medicine and beyond.

Find the right ECHO Programs for you

Search the US Map or the World Map for focus areas of interest near you. Then, contact the ECHO programs you want to attend directly, or seek help from the ECHO Institute by emailing the Replication Team.

If you'd like to observe an ECHO Institute session to get a feel for ECHO, please click here.

Other sources of information:

Once connected to Project ECHO, participants have experienced:

  • Increased confidence in their ability to offer specialty care for common, complex conditions

  • Improved provider retention

  • Reduced sense of isolation among providers

  • Improved ability to ensure use of the latest best practices when caring for their patients


Start an ECHO Program

Join the movement by launching an ECHO hub site

Starting an ECHO program (referred to as "replicating" or "replication") begins by becoming an official ECHO replication partner, following the three steps below - Learn, Agree, and Train. There is never a fee to become a replication partner or to replicate the ECHO Model™.

The number of worldwide replication partners grows every year and focuses on a growing number of issues.

ECHO replication partners continuously find innovative ways of leveraging the ECHO model to amplify their impact and increase capacity in their specialty fields and in their communities.


Explore what's possible using the ECHO model to see whether it can work for your local needs and resources.

Our monthly 90-minute virtual ECHO Introduction is a great opportunity to be introduced to the ECHO model, learn how it started, interact with others investigating ECHO, and meet members of the ECHO team.

Join us using the Zoom platform to hear Project ECHO's founder, Dr. Sanjeev Arora, present the models, followed by 45-minutes of discussion and Q&A.


Have questions? Need more information? Please email the Replication Team.

If the ECHO model sounds like it could work for you, please request partnership documents. These agreements are prepared for and signed at the institutional level (CEO/legal counsel), between your organization and the ECHO Institute®.

Sample Partnership Documents

Signing these agreements is a pre-requisite to attending Immersion training.


After signing the partnership documents, the next step is for your ECHO implementation team (including at least one specialist or content expert and a program coordinator or administrative/logistics person) to attend our no-cost 'Immersion' training. Immersion is a 3-day in-person training covering replication of the ECHO model, offered in Albuquerque, New Mexico (and at any of our other global superhub training sites). Immersion training will help you build an ongoing relationship with our Replication Team and ECHO staff members, who will assist you in setting up your own teleECHO clinics.

Topics covered include operations, implementation and best practices, spoke recruitment and retention, developing curricula, evaluation, IT best practices and more, which will prepare you to run a successful ECHO program and establish a new ECHO hub site.

Please reach out by email to discuss any questions you may have, including about how to select the right team to attend. We look forward to helping you replicate the ECHO model.


Participating in Immersion training requires that your partnership documents are complete (see Agree above).

Suggested Prework

Attending the Introduction session is helpful to get you oriented prior to Immersion (although not required) (see Learn above).

Refer to this Immersion Planning Worksheet prior to attending to help you think through what will be required to start your own ECHO. It will also help guide your in-person Immersion experience.

Working Agenda

View the Immersion working agenda.

Register for Our Virtual Immersion Training

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Immersion trainings at the ECHO Institute are cancelled for the foreseeable future.

However, we are pleased to announce a new virtual Immersion which will take place using Zoom video conferencing. This 2 and a half day virtual training is geared to support your organization in designing and launching your ECHO program. During these learning sessions you will have access to the ECHO Institute team and global experts from the ECHO network.

To manage capacity, we have a THREE person limit per partnering organization for Immersion sessions.

Please direct ECHO Immersion questions to

What's Next?

After Immersion, the ECHO Institute offers virtual training in the following areas:

  • Coordinating TeleECHO Clinics 101

  • ECHO IT Online Training

  • iECHO Virtual Training

These trainings are meant for those who have already attended Immersion. View and register for our Virtual Training sessions.
Contact your Account Representative if you have any other questions about next steps. Find out who your Account Rep is by emailing ECHO Replication.

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