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Project ECHO is an innovative educational model and knowledge-sharing network. The ECHO model is a flexible hub-and-spoke platform that allows specialists to share their expertise with learners in rural and underserved communities.
Joining the Movement can look different for each organization. Some organizations will Start an ECHO and use the ECHO model to amplify their impact by becoming a ‘hub’ (a regional center where teleECHO programs are located). Hubs share specialty knowledge with learners in or beyond their region. Other organizations such as rural clinics will Join an ECHO to become a community partner site or ‘spoke’ and connect to a hub via teleECHO sessions to expand their expertise in a particular field.
Whether your interest is to Start or Join an ECHO, or simply to learn more, we encourage you to explore our Outreach & Training Events to see what best fits your needs. And check our Events Calendar for a comprehensive list of dates, including Virtual Training options for those who are already working with the ECHO Institute. We also invite you to Meet the Replication Team and contact us for additional information.
Joining the ECHO Movement has many components. Please explore and learn more by using the links above.

Join an ECHO

Find an ECHO program focusing on a topic of interest to you and discover how you might join as a learner (learn more).

Start an ECHO

Learn what it means to replicate the ECHO model and the steps to launching your own ECHO hub within your organization.

Outreach and Training Events

Find out which learning event is right for you. We offer a monthly 90-minute Introduction, a one-day monthly Orientation, and a monthly intensive three-day Immersion training event for signed ECHO replication partners. Find scheduled dates for these events, applicable requirements and online registrations.

Virtual Training

Additional training and support for signed/official ECHO partners is available through synchronous virtual sessions. Current training topics include: Zoom videoconferencing software, iECHO (Project ECHOs proprietary customer relationship management tool), and best practices for TeleECHO Program Coordination.

Meet the Replication Team

Meet the team focused on helping organizations around the world learn about and how to replicate the ECHO model, as well as provide ongoing support for each hubs’ continued success and growth.

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