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HRSA: FQHC's May Use 330 Grants to Participate in Project ECHO

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The best care is provided in local communities by the physicians, nurses and community health workers who know their patients best. Through ECHO’s online learning networks, primary care clinicians gain the expertise and support they need to manage patients who have complex, chronic illnesses—without sending them to an outside specialist. Often, they also feel happier with their jobs as a result. Today, Project ECHO’s “teleECHO” clinics address over 40 complex conditions including substance use disorders, chronic pain, bone health, rheumatology, diabetes and endocrinology, HIV, hepatitis C, sickle cell disease, tuberculosis, and care of cardiac diseases.

How to get started:

  1. Search the map below for conditions of interest near you.
  2. Contact the ECHO program you want to attend or the ECHO Institute at
  3. Schedule a quick call with an ECHO representative.
  4. Join a teleECHO clinic that suits your needs. Clinic leadership will protect providers time for participation.

Once connected to Project ECHO, spoke sites and participants have experienced:

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