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We welcome you to join the ECHO movement by launching an ECHO hub site!  Starting an ECHO Program (also referred to as ‘replicating’ or ‘replication’) begins with becoming an official ECHO Replication Partner. Our Replication Partners grow in number every year and represent a variety of disciplines across the United States and around the world. From assistive technology in education to substance use disorders, our ECHO Replication Partners continuously find innovative ways to use the ECHO model™ to amplify impact and increase capacity in their fields of focus and communities.

Steps to Becoming a Replication Partner

Before you can start the process to launch an ECHO Program you first need to become a Replication Partner. Becoming an ECHO Replication Partner involves signing our Partnership Documents.  After that, you will attend a required in-depth training, where you will learn to implement the ECHO model in your community and how to build a successful program. There is no fee to become a Replication Partner or to replicate the ECHO model.

LEARN. Learn more about the ECHO model to see if it fits your local needs and resources. Explore our website and join us for either a virtual Introduction to ECHO and/or a 3-day in-person Immersion to learn more.
AGREEMENTS. If the ECHO model sounds like it could work for you, please request Partnership Documents. These documents are prepared for and signed at the institutional level (CEO/legal counsel), between your organization and the ECHO Institute™. They include our Statement of Collaboration (SOC) for Replicating Partners and our Intellectual Property Terms of Use Agreement (TOU). The SOC summarizes ECHO’s role/commitment to our Partners along with the expectations of our ECHO Partners while the TOU is our legally binding agreement outlining the role of the ECHO Institute as well as the responsibilities of the partnering organization, and intellectual property rights. Signing these agreements is a pre-requisite to our 3-day Immersion training and any virtual training we offer.
To request customized partnership documents, please email
TRAINING. After partnership documents are signed, your ECHO implementation team will need to attend our ECHO model replication & implementation training called Immersion, held in Albuquerque, NM (or at any of our other global superhub training sites). Immersion is a 3-day in-person training for key members of your ECHO hub team where participants gain comprehensive knowledge of the ECHO model, including operations and best practices for implementation, allowing you to run a successful ECHO program and establish a new ECHO hub site. We address spoke recruitment and retention, curriculum development, hub IT best practices, use of iECHO and Zoom, evaluation tools, and many more topics. Visit the Immersion page for more information, including schedule and registration.  We recommend you bring your implementation team to the Immersion training including at least one (preferably two or three) specialists or content experts, along with a program coordinator or administrative/logistics person.  Sometimes groups bring along others, representing a learner or “spoke” perspective, prospective funders, and others.  Please feel free to reach out and ask us any questions about who you may be thinking of bringing to the Immersion training (

Once You Become a Replication Partner

After contracts and Immersion training are completed, we offer our Replication Partners additional support and training to help with continued improvement and success, including:

Dedicated technical assistance. We provide our Replication Partners with a Replication Account Representative to serve as the dedicated point of contact. The Account Rep. helps Replication Partners to achieve their goals by providing assistance with early replication needs – answering questions, connecting to relevant resources, providing various technical assistance – as well as any needs beyond initial implementation.
Access to an extensive and growing library of replication resources. Replication Partners will find a myriad of resources developed and used by the ECHO Institute in New Mexico and a number of other Replication Partners worldwide. Resources include case-presentation templates, disease specific curricula, grant writing and budgeting resources, as well as marketing tools and ideas, and many others.
Connections to other hubs and the global MetaECHO Community. ECHO Replication Partners never miss an opportunity to share and learn. All Replication Partners are added to our weekly MetaECHO newsletter, monthly MetaECHO Community video-calls, collaborative(s) of choice and invited to our global MetaECHO Conference.

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