metaecho_honeycomb The term MetaECHO refers to the ever expanding community of individuals and organizations using the ECHO model to help demonopolize expert knowledge. Our goal is to create a movement committed to redefining education and lifelong learning. The MetaECHO Community encompasses the ECHO Movement and all those dedicated to reaching our collective goal of touching 1 billion lives by 2025. There are several ways that the MetaECHO Community shares knowledge, best practices, and innovations:
  1. MetaECHO Newsletter: Emailed bi-weekly to share updates and information. Partners are encouraged to submit articles, pictures and information on new launches to
  2. Monthly MetaECHO Community Calls: On the last Friday of the month (via zoom), existing hub sites present successes, updates and challenges with their ECHO peer network. There is often a non-partner presenter who shares tools or resources that can help the overall movement. These sessions allow ECHO partners to discover new and innovative ways of implementing the ECHO model.
  3. MetaECHO collaborative groups: Formed for specific complex condition/clinic topic areas with a focus in the areas of research, education, and policy.  Many collaboratives are formed by a partner who wants to lead a regional, national or international group of disease-specific colleagues.
  4. MetaECHO Conference: Convening every other year, the MetaECHO 2019 Conference will be held March 13-16, 2019 in Albuquerque, NM.  This global conference brings together ECHO partners, government officials, policymakers and policy experts, funders, philanthropists and friends of ECHO.  The conference is an exciting opportunity to learn, share, build community, celebrate and impact the future.