Dementia is a syndrome of progressive cognitive decline, often accompanied by changes in behavior and function. There are many causes of dementia, with Alzheimer’s disease being most commonly known. Diagnosing dementia can be difficult and may require consultation with specialists. While it is often challenging to manage symptoms, they can be managed with pharmacological and behavioral therapies. Providers should individualize treatment based on the symptoms and cause of dementia. The Dementia Care TeleECHO Clinic assists clinicians who lack access to dementia specialists. An interprofessional team of dementia consultants supports and educates providers in the provision of multifaceted dementia care. Instructional presentations and case discussions stimulate rich conversation and create an environment of group learning. Recommendations to presenting clinicians incorporate the most appropriate screening tools, best-practice protocols, and evidence-based resources. This format improves providers’ education while building their capacity to care for their dementia patients.

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