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Program Description

This program seeks to address the prevalence of Hepatitis C (HCV) in New Mexico by engaging with primary care clinicians around the state in order to promote the treatment of HCV in under-served populations via FQHCs and other primary care clinics. The primary care providers participating in this ECHO program are able to present patient information to their peers and then collaboratively develop a plan for treatment based on recommendations from the specialists at the hub. After an individualized Hepatitis C treatment plan is established for each patient, follow-ups are conducted to present the patient’s treatment status, to relay health related issues that may impede treatment, and to alter the treatment plan as needed to maximize the patient’s chance for a cure. Through the use of technology, best-practice protocols, and co-management of case-based learning, rural and community primary care clinicians deliver Hepatitis C care that has proven to be as safe and effective as that given in a university clinic. For those seeking continuing education credits, this clinic provides ACCME and ACPE credits.

Target Audience

Prescribing primary care clinicians in New Mexico and their support staff; FQHCs and programs in New Mexico that focus on under-served populations.




Sanjeev Arora, MD, MACP, FACG
Co-Medical Director
Director of Project ECHO
Staff Gastroenterologist
Department of Internal Medicine, UNM School of Medicine


Karla Thornton, MD, MPH
Co-Medical Director
Senior Associate Director of Project ECHO
Professor, Division of Infectious Diseases
Department of Internal Medicine University of New Mexico


Paulina Deming, PharmD, PhC
Assistant Director of HCV Programs
Clinician Educator Associate Professor: Pharmacy Practice & Administrative Sciences
University of New Mexico College of Pharmacy


Rory Lockwood
Program Coordinator, ECHO Institute